Website development

Your website is the face of your company on the Internet. This is very often the thing that gives the first impression of you and your company. So that it is not a final impression, it is very important to take care that a visit to your website is able to hold interest and create a pleasant atmosphere and experience from all aspects. Eye-pleasing and unique design, easy-to-use and easy-to-understand navigation, as well as page loading speed. Without special attention to these things, it is almost impossible to be competitive in today’s rapidly changing and demanding Internet environment.

Of course, you should also not forget everything that happens behind the scenes – page security, strong hosting, SEO, customer analytics, the ability to edit content. These things are just as important as the ones mentioned above. One cannot fully work without the other, so the page must be strong from all angles.

Website with excellent design and functionality, but poor SEO – the result: low number of visits.
Website very popular with high number of visits, but with poor hosting – the result: the page collapses.
A website that is excellent from all angles, but with low security – the result: it is simply hacked.

As you can see, there are a lot of aspects that require a lot of attention. Don’t worry if you’re feeling confused and pressed with information right now. After all, we at WD Market are here to advise you and make sure that your website functions and works as a well-oiled mechanism – fast, safe and stable.

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What do we offer?

  1. UI/UX Design/Branding

    A well-designed design looks good. The best design gives results.

    Our UI/UX designers will turn your ideas into amazing sites.

    Want a beautiful, custom, unique design that will reflect you and your company from the best side? Or do you want to create or renew your brand so that it is modern, unique and able to fully reflect what your company exists for? Maybe both?

    Our team consists of professionals from various fields and talented designers who will be happy to give their advice and will be able to visualize your idea in the most attractive website design.

  2. Functionality

    Websites with different purposes require different functionality. We develop full-cycle websites and e-commerce solutions! Contact forms and constructors of varying complexity, chatting with visitors, multilingualism, the ability for you to edit the texts, pictures and sections of the page yourself.

    Whether it’s a standardized landing page or a high-complexity interactive, custom-made website, come to us with your wishes and ideas and we will make sure that your website is designed to the highest standards.

  3. SEO

    The website has been created but there are no visitors? Our team consists of SEO (or search engine optimization) specialists who will advise you and help your website get as high as possible in search engine results.

    We do keyword research and we will find the most suitable text so that your website appears in search engines specifically for those people who are looking for exactly the information and services that you offer.

  4. Hosting

    For your website to be secure, fast, stable, and able to function properly, even in the event of a huge influx of visitors, it is very important to choose a hosting service that can provide you with a place on the safest and most powerful servers. Choose our hosting services.

    We have specially selected the most powerful, best-performing, and secure servers available to ensure not only that you have an excellent website, but also that it has an excellent home to stay in!

  5. Analytics

    Analytics are very important so that you always know the status of visitors to your page and can track as accurately as possible what actions you have taken have attracted the most visitors and what improvements need to be made to increase that number.

    Do you want to always be aware of how many visits your website regularly receives, from what sources they came to your website, know their location and what the whole visit process looks like? Connect your website to various analytics systems that will provide you with this information, and more.

  6. Support

    We are for long-term support and cooperation with our customers, therefore, even after putting the website in your hands, we will not disappear anywhere. Take a chance and join our support system and feel safe knowing that there is a strong support team next to you who are always ready to quickly help you solve any problems that may ever happen to your website.