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Do you want to communicate with your customers outside of your online store? Remind them about new offers, forgotten products and valuable offers.

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What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a modern marketing tool that gives businesses the opportunity to communicate with their existing and potential customers. Email marketing consists of several components – Personalized offers; New product announcements; Discounts and special offers and more. E-mails can be customized for each customer or customer groups individually, ensuring that your customers receive truly up-to-date e-mails.

Email marketing allows e-commerce platforms to communicate directly with customers, keeping them interested and engaging them in store activities, which ultimately drives sales growth and customer loyalty.

Email popup

Email popups are a way to get new email addresses from customers or store visitors. This popup window will appear on the screen when the online store is opened and will allow the visitor to enter their email address to receive valuable offers. This is a great way to get a wider email marketing audience.

Why is it used:

– An easy and unobtrusive way to get visitors’ email;
– A convenient way to increase your email marketing audience;
– Possibility to customize the popup according to individual needs;

Abandoned email cart

Both large and small online stores can send abandoned cart emails to improve conversion rates and recover lost revenue. With email marketing software, you can even automate the process so you don’t have to manually send each message.

Why is it used:

– An easy and unobtrusive way to get visitors’ email;
– Uzlabot reklāmguvumu līmeni
– A convenient way to increase your email marketing audience;
– Possibility to customize the popup according to individual needs;

Abandoned checkout emails​

The customer has viewed a product, but it disappeared from the online store? Maybe it was a technical error and the customer still wants to view this product. Remind him about it via email. It is not only useful for the customer, but also for you as a merchant.

Why is it used:

– Sales are increased- Improves conversion rates
– Increases customer engagement and experience
– Improves customer retention

Welcome emails

This is your first communication with new customers who have signed up to receive e-mails from your company. Welcome emails are a good way to show your company from the best side.

In this e-mail, the client can be introduced to your brand, telling more about what you offer and how you will be able to please the client. A welcome email is a good way to make a good first impression and can help build trust and interest in your company.

Why is it used:

– Make a good first impression
– Drive customer loyalty
– Introduce new customers to your company

Thank you for your purchase email

Tell the customer thank you for shopping in your store. It is not only a polite way to show the customer that you appreciate his choice to shop with you, but it also serves as a confirmation to the customer that the transaction really took place. Often, customers expect such an email from the company and are frustrated or confused when they don’t receive one.

Why is it used:

– Polite thanks to the customer
– Ensuring the well-being of customers
– Positioning the company
– Increased loyalty

"Win-Back" emails

We will help you attract customers who have stopped shopping in your store. With carefully crafted, personalized and timely emails, we can help you reconnect with these customers, increasing customer loyalty and driving repeat purchases.

With our win-back email strategies, you can expect not only increased return rates, but also improved customer satisfaction by offering exactly what matters most to them.

Why is it used:

– Wins back lost customerss
– Increase sales
– Improve communication with customers by promoting loyalty

Birthday emails

Birthday email marketing strategies are designed to make your customers feel special on their special day. Through personalized and creative emails that include special offers or discount coupons, we help you build a stronger emotional connection with your customers while driving sales and customer loyalty.

Give customers the opportunity to receive targeted and personal greetings that not only highlight the uniqueness of your brand, but also make customers feel valued and important.

Why is it used:

– Makes customers feel valued
– Increases customer loyalty
– Drives sales with special offers
– Delights the customer

“Back in Stock” emails

“Back in Stock” email marketing campaigns are designed to inform your customers about the re-stock of favorite products. These campaigns are important to retain customers and drive sales, allowing customers to immediately respond and purchase products that have been important to them.

Our strategy includes not only informing about the re-availability of products, but also offers the opportunity to highlight similar or related products that may be of interest to the customer. This approach not only encourages repeat purchase, but also helps increase the average purchase value by offering customers additional choices.

Why is it used:

– Increases sales
– Promotion of products
– Increased customer satisfaction

Email campaigns

Every email campaign we create is designed to highlight your brand values ​​and proposition through creative content, attractive design and calls to action that encourage subscribers to take action. We work closely with you to understand your target audience and business objectives, ensuring that each campaign is tailored to achieve maximum results. With our professional support, your email marketing campaigns will become a powerful tool in promoting the growth of your company.

Client Work

What Our Client Say

Our website was out of date and there were communication issues with the previous service provider. We are very glad to have WD Market come our way. Now we have a new modern website with great UI/UX design. Communication with the company is flawless. Starting a fruitful cooperation with WDM, we continue to develop with their help.


E-Commerce manager
My experience with the WD Market team has been excellent. They seamlessly took over our previously developed WordPress based web store and have provided ongoing maintenance. Their technical expertise is evident in their solutions and suggestions for improvements. Responsive and attentive to details. Reasonable prices. Can recommend.
Kristīne Prāmniece
E-Commerce manager
We cooperated on Sia Kokos website issues. Do your own thing. If necessary, promptly solves any problem that may occur with the page. It is not limited only to the execution of technical works, but also helps to find optimal solutions and proactively provides various recommendations on how to improve the efficiency of the page! We recommend
Andris Vizulis
Head of Marketing
Excellent cooperation when performing complex website maintenance and looking for non-standard solutions. Professional approach and support! I appreciate goal-oriented teamwork!
Liene Valdniece
E-Commerce manager
WD Market offered a variety of recommendations and solutions for our brand needs. Responsive and always ready to find compromises in all situations.
Evija Zuja
Marketing manager
We have collaborated on several projects, everything always goes smoothly. Also, I really like WDMarket’s Agile approach with the ability to adapt to the customer’s needs at any moment.
Deniss Mihailovs
IT Project manager

Frequently asked questions

Email automation helps increase orders by allowing you to send targeted messages to existing and potential customers in a timely manner. With personalized messages based on customer behavior and purchase history, you can drive repeat purchases, increase customer engagement, and promote new products or promotions.

Yes, email automation solutions are fully integrated with all popular e-commerce platforms including Magento, WooCommerce and Shopify.

We use detailed reporting and analysis tools that allow our clients to track the results of their email campaigns in real time. This includes open rates, clicks, conversion rates and (ROI). This information allows clients to optimize their future campaigns for better results.
Yes, we draw custom email designs as well as prepare content. Our designs are fully customizable to match your brand identity and communication goals, and are optimized to look great on all devices and email platforms.