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We offer a free e-commerce strategy creation that will open up your business opportunities. Apply today and create your growth story with us!

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What you get?

Individual strategy

You will receive a carefully designed plan tailored specifically to your business goals and needs to help you optimize your eCommerce business.

Understanding the competition

By gaining a clear understanding of your market competition, you will be able to identify and leverage your unique advantages, which in turn will help your business stand out and attract more customers.

Sales promotion

You will learn how to effectively reach your target audience and convert interested parties into customers. We’ll give you practical advice on how to improve your marketing and sales tactics.

Technological improvement

Our recommendations for using various technologies and tools in your business will help you increase efficiency and improve the shopping experience of your customers,

Completely free

You won’t have to worry about investing in strategy development, as we will do it for free, proving our professionalism and rich knowledge.

Long-term growth

Let’s develop a long-term plan that will better prepare you for the challenges and opportunities of the future. ensure the sustainability of your business and drive continuous growth.

Business and E-Commerce audit

We will carefully analyze your existing position and e-commerce platform to identify potential improvements. This audit is the basis for creating an effective strategy that will contribute to the growth of your online store.

Creation of e-Commerce strategy

We will develop a personalized e-commerce strategy that precisely matches your business goals and customer needs. This step will give your online store maximum competitiveness.

Implementation and result

By implementing the developed e-commerce strategy, you may achieve targeted customer attraction and increased conversion, thus increasing the sales volume and profit of the online store.

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What our clients say

Our website was out of date and there were communication issues with the previous service provider. We are very glad to have WD Market come our way. Now we have a new modern website mnmebeles.lv with great UI/UX design. Communication with the company is flawless. Starting a fruitful cooperation with WDM, we continue to develop with their help.


E-Commerce manager

My experience with the WD Market team has been excellent. They seamlessly took over our previously developed WordPress based web store and have provided ongoing maintenance. Their technical expertise is evident in their solutions and suggestions for improvements. Responsive and attentive to details. Reasonable prices. Can recommend.

Kristīne Prāmniece
E-Commerce manager

We cooperated on Sia Kokos website issues. Do your own thing. If necessary, promptly solves any problem that may occur with the page. It is not limited only to the execution of technical works, but also helps to find optimal solutions and proactively provides various recommendations on how to improve the efficiency of the page! We recommend

Andris Vizulis
Head of Marketing

Excellent cooperation when performing complex website maintenance and looking for non-standard solutions. Professional approach and support! I appreciate goal-oriented teamwork!

Liene Valdniece
E-Commerce manager

WD Market offered a variety of recommendations and solutions for our brand needs. Responsive and always ready to find compromises in all situations.

Evija Zuja
Marketing manager

We have collaborated on several projects, everything always goes smoothly. Also, I really like WDMarket’s Agile approach with the ability to adapt to the customer’s needs at any moment.

Deniss Mihailovs
IT Project manager

Frequently asked questions

We believe that we can help and share our experience to enable e-commerce companies to grow and develop. This is also a great opportunity for us to prove our abilities by putting them to practical use.

Our free e-commerce strategy will help you gain a clear understanding of how to improve your e-commerce business by providing specific steps and recommendations to improve it. This will give you the opportunity to increase sales, improve the customer’s shopping experience and stand out in the market.

You can contact us by coming to a face-to-face meeting, by email, online chat on our website, by calling our company phone or by arranging an online meeting through video calling platforms.