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We are here to give you all the tools you need to be competitive in today’s e-commerce environment. We will be able to develop a WooCommerce store exactly for your needs and provide quick support in times of despair.

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User friendly

WooCommerce is designed to be easy to use for both experienced and new online merchants.WooCommerce is designed to be easy to use for both experienced and new online merchants.

Wide Customization Options

With thousands of free and paid themes and plugins, WooCommerce lets you build exactly the kind of online store you want.

Effective SEO

Optimizing your store for search engines is more effective in helping your products appear higher in search results.

Various Payments

WooCommerce supports a wide range of payment processors, from PayPal and Stripe to many others, ensuring that your customers can make payments easily and securely.

Powerful Analytics Tools

WooCommerce offers built-in analytics tools that provide important data about your store’s performance

Great Community and Support

Online forums, blogs, training courses, and the official support service offer valuable resources for solving problems and learning new features.

Advanced filtration

Our approach to advanced filtering on the Woocommerce platform allows your customers to quickly and precisely find what they are looking for using custom filters such as price ranges, categories, brands and ratings. Not only will this improve the user experience, but it will also boost sales and improve your store’s SEO performance.

Relying on our extensive experience in using WordPress tools, we develop and integrate advanced filtering systems that are optimized for both fast functionality and responsive design, ensuring that your store is accessible and easy to use on any device.

Modern navigation

Our advanced navigation solutions for Woocommerce stores are designed to provide an intuitive and convenient buyer journey. By implementing a simplified but highly functional navigation system, we help your customers quickly find what they are looking for, while improving their overall shopping experience and driving sales.

We use modern technologies and attractive design solutions to create a customized navigation structure that reflects your store’s unique identity and product range. It includes a responsive design that is optimized for all devices and fast-functionality navigation elements that contribute to greater customer satisfaction and business growth.

Adapted for phones

Our team of specialists will ensure that your Woocommerce store is fully optimized for mobile devices, providing a great shopping experience for customers visiting your store via phone. We develop mobile-friendly design and functionality solutions that will allow your store to stand out and attract a wider range of customers.

The large number of Internet users using mobile devices to shop online has made this feature an absolute must for all e-commerce businesses. By adapting to customer needs, we help increase conversion rates and improve customer satisfaction, contributing to the growth of your business.

Easy editing

We understand the importance of simplicity and efficiency in store management. That’s why we offer solutions that allow you to easily edit and update your Woocommerce store, ensuring that you can quickly respond to market changes and customer needs. From adding products to configuring promotions – everything is designed with user convenience in mind.

Our goal is to make editing and managing a Woocommerce store accessible to everyone, regardless of technical skills. With intuitive editing tools and clear instructions, we ensure that you can easily make changes and improvements to your store, keeping a fresh and current range of offers for your customers.

Colors, sizes and other variations

Personalization of colors, sizes and other elements is important to make your products and brand stand out in the e-commerce market. Give your customers the best shopping experience in your unique, branded store.

Our experienced specialists will work with you to create customized and effective product pages that will strengthen your brand’s position in the market and promote long-term customer trust and loyalty.

Client cabinet, basket, wish list, search engine

Give your customers the opportunity to create their own profile in your online store, allowing them to easily search for the products they like, add some products to the wish list or put them in the shopping cart. These features not only make the shopping process easier, but also help increase sales by allowing your customers to perform more functions with the products you offer.

Our team will make sure that your customer can shop comfortably and intuitively, improving the shopping experience and promoting customer loyalty. We will be able to adapt these functions to your and our customers’ requirements, providing both functionality and a comfortable and attractive design.

Client work

What our Clients say

Our website was out of date and there were communication issues with the previous service provider. We are very glad to have WD Market come our way. Now we have a new modern website mnmebeles.lv with great UI/UX design. Communication with the company is flawless. Starting a fruitful cooperation with WDM, we continue to develop with their help.


E-Commerce manager

My experience with the WD Market team has been excellent. They seamlessly took over our previously developed WordPress based web store and have provided ongoing maintenance. Their technical expertise is evident in their solutions and suggestions for improvements. Responsive and attentive to details. Reasonable prices. Can recommend.

Kristine Pramniece

E-Commerce manager

We cooperated on Sia Kokos website issues. Do your own thing. If necessary, promptly solves any problem that may occur with the page. It is not limited only to the execution of technical works, but also helps to find optimal solutions and proactively provides various recommendations on how to improve the efficiency of the page! We recommend

Andris Vizulis
Head of Marketing
Excellent cooperation when performing complex website maintenance and looking for non-standard solutions. Professional approach and support! I appreciate goal-oriented teamwork!
Liene Valdniece
E-Commerce manager

WD Market offered a variety of recommendations and solutions for our brand needs. Responsive and always ready to find compromises in all situations.

Evija Zuja
Marketing manager

We have collaborated on several projects, everything always goes smoothly. Also, I really like WDMarket’s Agile approach with the ability to adapt to the customer’s needs at any moment.

Deniss Mihailovs
IT Project manager

Frequently asked questions

Of course! WooCommerce is currently one of the most chosen and used e-commerce platforms. It is available free of charge and open to anyone who wants to use it. WooCommerce offers extensive customization options, allowing you to tailor your online store precisely to your business requirements. In addition, this platform is optimized for search engines, which means that your store can easily reach high positions in Google search results thanks to simple SEO settings.
WooCommerce stores are secure if attention is paid to several critical security aspects. This includes continuously updating the server software to guarantee protection against the latest known threats. It is also essential to regularly update your WordPress and WooCommerce systems, as well as any extensions and modules you use, to ensure that your system is equipped with the latest security improvements and features. No less important is high-quality programming that can prevent any system instability or security issues. If these security measures are properly followed and constantly monitored, your store should be safe. We are ready to take on this responsibility so that you can be sure of the security of your store.

There are many alternatives to WooCommerce, such as Shopify, Magento, PrestaShop, and each has its own strengths and weaknesses. In order to choose the most suitable platform, it is important to make a careful comparison, taking into account your specific business requirements and goals. An in-depth consultation with an expert who will be able to analyze your needs in detail and propose the most appropriate e-commerce solution plays an important role in such a choice.

After creating your online store, we offer the opportunity to integrate new or additional functions, which is one of the main advantages of the WooCommerce platform – the wide range of modules available for extensions. We are ready to adapt and integrate any of the available modules or even develop a unique solution that would be specifically suited to your company’s needs.

We definitely recommend paying attention to SEO optimization. Although our online store is optimized according to the best SEO practices and is friendly to search engines, a steady and high position in Google search results requires constant and focused work. Therefore, to ensure that the number of visits to your store continues to grow, we offer specialized SEO optimization services specifically for online stores.

It is possible to manage the WooCommerce store independently, without the constant involvement of programmers (change of content, stylistics). However, to optimize time and resources, we recommend that new feature additions and larger store updates be left to qualified programmers. This approach allows your company’s staff to focus more effectively on important activities.