Shopify development and maintenance

Feels like you’re deadlocked with the creation or development of Shopify?
Or maybe you think you’ve reached the ceiling of Shopify’s online store?

Get reliable e-commerce specialists who will help your online store stand out from the crowd and increase sales.

Whether you’re just planning to develop a Shopify online store or already selling online, we’ll help you!
WD Market team offers its customers dynamic and innovative solutions, because we understand how important it is for your online store to be a source of growth and development of your brand.

Shopify is an excellent e-commerce solution, but in order for it to make a profit and create an excellent customer experience, the online store must follow up, study and build on analytics data, develop functionality by integrating various extras that will help to use the full potential of the online store and promote sales.

Our team develops new Shopify online stores, as well as repairs and maintains existing online stores, adding new functionality to increase your sales results and optimize your work processes. We ensure that your online store works perfectly!

We will help you with:

  1. Development of a full Shopify online store

    We work to turn your goals into reality, from research, goal definition, plan development, concept and design, technology selection to development, testing and long-term support in the development of the online store.

  2. Improvements to the existing online store

    We will improve the performance of your existing Shopify online store by adding additional functionality, installing marketing tools, performing SEO optimization to ensure an excellent user experience, reduce the number of bounces, increase the flow of people and sales results.

  3. Shopify store redesign

    Professional online store design is a very important aspect of e-commerce. In order to remain competitive in the market, your online store must meet the latest design standards. The digital world is very dynamic. New trends in e-commerce appear and continuous development is taking place, so a new design is usually needed every few years.

  4. Shopify individual theme creation

    When starting your own e-commerce business, a template may also be enough, but if you are a recognized global brand, you will most likely need to create an individual theme. A custom-made Shopify theme will help you stand out from the crowd. Unique design, designed according to your company’s requirements, taking into account every small detail!

  5. Synchronization

    Synchronizing Shopify’s online store with accounting, sales and accounting systems ensures the flow of work between your various business processes. The easier it is to use different systems together, the more time you can spend on growing your business! We will help synchronise your Shopify online store with various automation systems.

  6. Connecting marketing and analytics tools

    Connecting marketing and analytics tools to the Shopify online store will help you improve your sales results. We will integrate marketing and analytics tools into your Shopify online store and provide training on how to use them. However, if you don’t want to spend time researching analytics data – entrust it to us!