14 points on how much it costs to create a website

“How much does it cost to create a website?” – One of the first questions we hear from customers. I immediately have a counter-question: “How valuable is this project for you?” If you have decided to create your own website, you need to understand what function it will perform, because the cost of developing a website will depend on the work that will be invested in it. In this article we will go through all the factors influencing the price. So!

NO. 1 Purpose and function of the website

As I mentioned earlier, first of all, you have to define for what purpose the website will be intended for:

  • Card
  • Sales page
  •  Information sheet that will present the company in the digital environment
  • Online store
  • Platform
  • Portal

  • You need to be sure what function your website will perform:

  • Will attract customers
  • Boost sales
  • Facilitate your company’s processes
  • Educated
  • Will present

  • This will also help you greatly in planning the structure of the web page. At this stage, immediately think about your target audience, for which the website will be intended – B2B (Business to Business) or B2C (Business to Custumer). B2B and B2C are two different business models, therefore different approaches are required.

    NO. 2 Research before creating a website

  • Research of competitors – there are very few businesses that do not have competitors, so this is a very important step if you want to give your website originality, as well as to identify your competitors.
  • Industry research – will allow you to understand what are the industry standards, how best to communicate with a potential customer, whether it will be with video, with texts, or contact forms. What colors, icons, or illustrations are used in a particular industry.

  • In short, research papers are necessary to make you competitive with your website in your field.

    Once the research has been done, we put the puzzle together to create your unique identity that will meet all industry standards.


    Although research makes it more expensive to create a website, a site built on research is much more efficient because it gives you the opportunity to draw on new ideas, understand the strengths and weaknesses of competitors and use it to your advantage when building your own website. In principle, it could be said that research is the basis for a successful process of creating a website.

    NO. 3 Planning the structure of the website

    This step can be divided into several small steps, but this time I will tell you the main idea in one step. Just like when building a house, you have to think about what foundations to lay, what materials the walls will be made of, what kind of roof to make, how many floors and how many rooms, where there will be a bathroom, and where the kitchen, etc.

    You also need to think about what content management system to use (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and many others, or individually encoded using a framework such as laravel frame), how many sections will be on your website, what filters will be installed, whether and what will be the search engine, how and what information will be inserted, possibly, what sales tools, etc. These are all price-influencing aspects – you can plan it all yourself or entrust it to the project manager.


    From the very beginning, before the creation of the website, carefully plan its structure and operation in the long term. If you haven’t already thought about design, business processes, user experience and page administration, later it can be expensive, or even impossible. The scoop costs twice!

    NO. 4 Website design

    When designing the house, we also think about the interior design, so that the rooms are cozy and ergonomic, so that the furniture makes our daily life more comfortable, so that we enjoy staying in our house. You even have to think about it when creating your own website. Unfortunately, this step is not taken seriously by customers, very often. When it comes to design development, you often have to hear – no, design is not important.

    Most often by the word design, only visual design is understood. But the design includes more than just a visual design – an attractive look and a functional layout. In the process of creating a website, the design is divided into two categories – UI and UX– user interface and user experience. Read also: Graphic design vs UI/UX

    UI – what your website looks like – what colors are used, fonts, illustrations, pictures UI designers determine the appearance and feel of the software interface. UI designers are often responsible for:

  • Visual design at every stage from brainstorming to engineering
  • Clearly explain ideas and instructions to users using well-designed frames, flyers, user feeds and website maps
  • Creating an interface, a whole, deliberately developing an element of each site or web application to ensure that everything works together

  • UX – how convenient your site will be for the user, your potential client. How convenient it will be to find what you are looking for and review it. UX includes human psychology, for example, the correct size, color and placement of buttons, promoting the desired activity on you – to buy, fill out the contact form, stay longer on your page, etc.

    Some of the main duties of the UX designer are as follows:

  • User research: Understanding users through interviews or other methods, such as card sorting
  • Information architecture:knowledge of the most effective ways to structure content on a site or app
  • Data-driven design: choosing a design based on data analysis
  • Wireframing and prototyping: Creating test versions of websites/web applications

  • The average cost of design development on average started from 40 Eur per hour


    UI and UX go hand in hand. If you create only a beautiful visual design, but you haven’t thought about the experience of the person who is able to navigate the page, so that it is convenient to navigate the page, it will most likely not bring the desired results. Although it will raise the price of the development, it is worth it.

    NO. 5 Website content

    You’ll agree that a bathroom without a bath or shower doesn’t really perform its intended functions, does it? It’s even the case with the website. Without content, it’s nothing! Content not only plays an important role in communicating with a customer or in shaping the image of a company, but also plays a very important role in raising the position of Google search results.

    When creating texts, it is not enough just to have literacy and grammar knowledge. Articles must conform to the concept of your website and, together with the design, convey a unified message. Texts must correspond to industry trends, company image and target your target audience.

    Attracting a professional copywriter will affect the price of website development.

    Just like inviting a professional photographer to provide relevant pictures to the site. To create a beautiful and professional, presentable website, you will have to think about quality photos. This, too, is a factor influencing the price of development.


    Properly crafted texts, videos and high-quality photos are your most valuable tools to reach and reach your target audience!

    NO. 6 Adding website functionality

    You have to think about functionality both from the customer’s point of view and what it will have to be for you, your company.

    For the client, these could be some filters, calendar with booking function, contact form (price will depend on complexity), search function, multilingual support, catalogue, etc. For the company – internal management and accounting system, generation, storage and processing of purchase statistics and other data, as well as other functions that will be in the project on the page will affect the price of creating the website.


    Functionality must be planned before the creation of the website is started. Both the one you want to integrate right away and the one you want to add in the future. This will allow the developer to understand and recommend the best solutions to avoid unnecessary costs in the future and the possibility that the page will have to be completely redesigned.

    NO. 7 Long-term thinking

    If you take your business seriously, you are definitely thinking about its constant development. As your business develops, your website will also have to evolve. Therefore, immediately, at the development of the website, think about solutions that will be aimed at long-term benefits. This may affect how much it will cost to develop a website, but will make life easier for you and save money when you need to add additional functionality to the site.

    Very often, customers who want to improve their website are faced, but the only sensible solution is to create a new page, because the intended function, or improvements cannot be made (or it costs as much as creating a new website) because the developer (and the client) has not thought about in the long term how the necessary changes could be developed, improved and conveniently made in the future.


    Invest now to develop in the future! Higher costs at the development can save your nerves and money in the future when you want to make improvements to the website.

    NO. 8 Uniquely designed website or finished template?

    This is a very big factor influencing the price of creating a website! If you have decided to create a complex website with very specific features, it is very likely that the developer will offer you the creation of an individually coded website. Already the word “individually” says that it will not be cheap.

    Just like when you go to a clothing store to buy a suit. You have the opportunity to choose between 10 sizes and colors a suit for 200Eur, or you can go to a professional seamstress who will sew a suit individually cut to you, according to your measures, the color and fabric chosen by you, but it will cost 500Eur.

    On a ready-made template (templeita), the development of the website will be cheaper, since it will be necessary to invest less time than would be the case with a Custom-coded website.


    Although creating a website on stencils is cheaper, the template will also have to be customized for the website, logo colors, sections, etc. This means attracting a designer and/or programmer, which can make it more expensive how much it will cost to create a website.

    mājas lapas izveides cenas

    NO. 9 Freelancer or web development agency?

    Who works on the creation of the website can be influenced by how much it will cost. I would like to add at once that freelancers do not always mean cheaper than an agency. You’ll ask why? For a number of reasons.

    Although the hourly rate of the freelancer may be lower, at the web development agency, a team will work on your project, which means that the work will progress faster than if only one person will work on the website. As well as, in the agency’s team, the works are divided into competencies – the programmer will do programming works, the designer will work on the creation of an effective UI and UX design, the project manager will oversee it all. It may be that you will be lucky and you will find a person who is a professional in all roles and create the perfect website for you, but experience shows that one person cannot be an expert in everything. Just as every player in team sports has a role to play – someone plays defense, someone in attack and someone judges the game, and even in a web development agency, everyone has their own specialty, in which he is an expert. 

    This factor can very much affect both the price of the website development and the quality of your website, which, in turn, will save, or on the contrary, will require investing in the future.


    If you are a brand new company that has just started its economic activity and the funds are very limited, then freelanceris could be the right solution for you. But don’t forget about the long-term perspective – the opportunity to improve, improve, add additional functions in the future, when the company will already have “grown out of a reptile” and will require a “suit”.

    NO. 10 Website creation and warranty – is it important?

    Definitely – yes! The guarantee that the developer assumes full responsibility for the work done is also part of the price you will pay for the development of the website.

    When conducting a price survey, always compare what will be included in it. Whether testing and debugging is included, or whether a warranty is included after the project has been handed over to you, for example, 12 months after the development, the errors of the website are eliminated, if they are detected and are caused by incorrect development. That is, the developer assumes full responsibility for the work done and is ready to eliminate his mistakes, if any, also completely.

    When you create a web page at a very low price, you are unlikely to receive any guarantees about the quality of the development. Harsh, but fact


    The warranty is one of the most important security features that indicate that the developer thinks about the quality of the development, because if something is not as needed, it will be necessary to eliminate the resulting errors for free. The agency is not interested in correcting its mistakes, as it can instead work on another, paying, project. Therefore, by giving a guarantee for your work, the team will work to the maximum quality.

    NR. 11 Mājas lapas uzturēšana un atbalsts – kāpēc tas ir svarīgi?

    Support, or support services, will be important if your goal is continuous development based on long-term cooperation. This service, as a rule, is provided directly by web development agencies. It has not come to hear about freelancers that they also provide support after the creation of the website and handed over to the customer. If something doesn’t work properly, or suddenly you need to fix or improve something, you have to deal with it yourself, or look again for someone who can help, which means time and money.

    Each web development agency has its own pricing for support services – for someone it will be a monthly fee, for another agency it will be an hourly rate for the work to be done, or a specific payment for a particular job.


    The structure and nuances of your website are best known by the one who built it. Therefore, the support service is an important aspect when choosing who to entrust the creation of your own website. You’ll always have something to turn to when you need it. If you have the opportunity to choose a developer who provides both warranty and support after the website is created, be sure to use it.

    NO. 12 Experience -> Communication -> Solution

    To understand better, I’ll give you an example. Imagine the situation. Your back hurts and you go to your GP, ask you to be prescribed painkillers. The doctor takes the pen and prescribes the drug.

    Or another situation. Your back hurts. You go to the doctor and ask for the medicine to be prescribed, but the doctor asks you what purpose, where exactly it hurts, what kind of pain, how long? Etc. And only then prescribes the drug.

    Now the task of ingenuity:

    In which situation did the doctor portray more experience, communication and solution? In the same way, the developer who intends to be entrusted with the process of creating his website should be evaluated. If the developer only fulfills what you put in without conducting an insight and offering an appropriate solution with valid arguments, thinking about the functionality of your website and its compliance with the intended purpose, ask yourself whether you would like to come to the first doctor’s office and return your money? However, do you pay a little and go to a specialist who will offer a solution that meets the need, explaining it, showing examples and differences, as well as providing new ideas?


    The price is what you pay, the value is what you get! Experienced developers are aware of their value. They will look for and offer solutions so that your web page fulfils the function of the target to the maximum extent possible and will be interested in your project and its future development.

    NO. 13 Developer Portfolio + Reviews

    The web agency’s portfolio is like a RESUME. It’s your hired work experience, after which you can guess what the team is capable of and what you can expect.

    Feedback is recommendations from previous employers, after which you can guess how easy or difficult it will be to work with a potential employee.

    The company’s reputation can also be a price-influencing factor, especially important in complex and complex projects with many nuances. The more complex jobs you see in the agency’s portfolio (complex contact forms, 3D configurations, interactive maps, etc.), the more experience the developer has. The more experience, the higher the price the agency will charge can be.


    Regardless of whether you have decided to hire a freelancer or plan to entrust the process of creating your website to the agency, always ask you to show you the ready-made works that have been worked on. Make sure the sites are working, check how quickly the page is loaded, that all functions are working. Only after that, make a decision or return your money to the particular developer.

    NR. 14 Programmētāja stundas likme

    The hourly rate is most directly influenced by the experience and competencies of the developer, as well as programming languages such as PHP or JavaScript, or any other The more experienced programmer, the higher the remuneration paid to the programmer, which will logically affect the hourly rate of programming.

    An experienced developer can adequately assess the complexity of the project and the necessary time period for its development. The complexity of the project can affect the cost of creating a website. So! What hourly rates could be at stake!

    Freelancer, who has not yet accumulated experience and may have recently started operating, can charge around 15Eur – 20Eur per hour, the most experienced 25Eur up to 50Eur and more per working hour.

    But if you have decided to attract a team of professionals, some web development agency, you should expect an hourly rate of 40Eur to 50Eur +

    Large companies, which are well known and have been operating in the industry for many years, require even 70Eur – 100Eur+ per hour.


    The experience of developers also affects the speed and quality of work, as does the number of people working on the project. It often happens that a mid-level freelancer who works alone on the project may have to pay the same as a web-based station agency, although the hourly rate is higher, the work progresses faster.

    When choosing a website developer, look at how to choose a business partner. The creation of the website does not end with the acceptance and transfer of the project. This is a long-term cooperation. And how the page will be designed and what support you will receive from your partner can play a big role in your business.


    How much does it cost to create a WordPress website?

    The cost is determined by the complexity of the project and how much time will be spent on the development of the website. For example, an informative website, created on a template, in one language, up to five sections can cost 1200Eur. This price does not include the creation of texts and content.

    Each functionality of the paildus increases the cost – several languages, individual design, many sections with subsections, an advanced contact form, etc. The cost can be from 2000Eur to 5000+ Eur. An individually drawn and coded website on WordPress will cost starting from 5000Eur. To find out the exact cost, apply for a free consultation.

    See our offer: WordPress website development

    How much does it cost to create an online store on Woocommerce?

    The cost is determined by the complexity of the project and how long it will take to implement the project. For example, creating an online store on a paid template, in one language, up to five sections, 5 categories, a payment system (Stripe), one delivery method (e.g. Omniva), catalogue, shopping cart can cost 2000 Eur.

    More complex projects, with the attraction of a UI/UX designer, connections to warehouse accounting or accounting systems, large volumes of goods, generation and presentation of various data, as well as other functions, costs can vary from 3500Eur to 5000Eur +

    What are the prices for the development of Laravel projects?

    PPhp promers have an average hourly rate of 50Eur to 100Eur

    The difference with WordPress, for which a lot of features are already built in, Laravel projects are most often made from scratch. This technology is usually chosen for large-scale projects, as a platform or portal for the development of platforms or portals with a large and complex internal system, for the provision of non-standard solutions or for the development of tailor-made software such as CRM, ERP systems or SAAS businesses.

    The cost of developing the project will depend directly on the functionality, since it depends on how long it will take to develop the project. Laravel’s projects will certainly not be under 10,000Eur.

    How much do design works cost?

    The average hourly rates of a UI/UX designer are 50Eur.

    Logo development transforming ready-made stencils (e.g. from freepic) – starting from 300Eur Logo development individually drawn – starting from 500Eur without brand book (brand book + 250Eur)

    Home design – 300Eur

    Creation of internal pages – 30Eur to 80Eur for each

    Banner creation – 50Eur – 100Eur

    How much does it cost to create website content?

    The price of creating content depends on the amount of work to be done. To determine the amount of content creation, you must first create a website concept. The content of the website consists of a copywriter – a text creation specialist, a photographer and a video creation specialist. Creating the content of the website, approximately, costs 40Eur to 60Eur per hour.