Graphic design vs UI/UX.

HubSpot’s 2020 study shows that 90% of internet users will leave the website and go to buy a product or service from competitors if they are not satisfied with the usability of the website and the design of the developed or UI/UX is not designed very thoughtfully. In this article we will consider the main differences between graphic design and web design.

A lot of people confuse graphic design and web design, believing that design is and remains a design. But each type of design has significant nuances and specifics, so, for example, a graphic designer is not able to cope with the development of the appearance of a web page.

Graphic design.

What do graphic designers do? Choose colors and fonts, sort elements (pictures and blocks of text) into layouts that can be used online – on websites and mobile apps, or for printed materials (book covers, magazine ads, etc.). The graphic design is static and does not have an interactive layout. The graphic designer is a specialist who is able to develop the identity of the corporate brand: to develop a logo, to rethink product print fonts, to create corporate colors, to develop a brand book that will be used in the company’s internal and external communications, as well as in the creation of products. Graphic design — theory. Visual arts, 6th grade. (

graphic design1

Web design.

It is no longer just drawing and inserting pictures, but planning a strategy, building a logical structure and analyzing user habits.

UI (user interface).

The design focuses on interactive elements in digital media (computer, tablet or smartphone), such as drop-down menus, form fields. THE UI includes elements that can be clicked, animations, button creation, etc. In other words, the design of the user interface expands, where the graphic design leaves.  User interface design – Wikipedia

UX (user experience).

Differs from both graphic design and user interface in that it takes into account the logic and structure of interactive elements. UX designers work to better understand aspiring users through competitive analysis, interviews with users, staffing, wire frame making, heuristic analysis and travel flows. Then, at the validation stage, the designers test the product. If the product still has problems, they are eliminated instantly, preventing expensive redesign. The 7 Factors that Influence User Experience | Interaction Design Foundation

The role of design in digital products, nowadays, is more important than any other process, because it is in this phase that the product, its functions, goals and how it relates to brand identity and your target audience is defined. Check out our portfolio, apply for a consultation and find out how we can improve your existing website or create a new website or online store so that the visitor of the site becomes a real customer faster!