TOP 3 E-COMMERCE trends for 2023

1. Brand marketing on TikTok🤩

TikTok currently has the highest growth rate of all social media platforms. It’s important to note, that most TikTok users are Gen Z, meaning content shouldn’t be as informal as on Facebook. Follow the trends, be creative and fun and you will catch the eyes of Gen Z.

2. Product sustainability🌍

Customers are willing to pay more for sustainable brands, but how can you make your brand more sustainable?

Here are some ideas:

-Sell products made out of sustainable materials;

-Use more eco-friendly packaging;

-Allow users to choose more sustainable shipping options (e.g., “Ship all items together in one package, rather than sending them as they become available”).

3. Personalization👤

Consumers today want to shop at brands that can provide them with personalized shopping experiences, and they are even willing to pay more if those businesses offer personal touches that appeal to them. This means that you will lose your customers if you do not personalize your content across all channels.