4 Tips for SEO

Are you wondering why nobody is visiting your page? 😳

SEO or search engine optimization is one of the most important factors if you want to attract new customers.

So, how can you optimize your SEO content to be seen?

1. Use ALT text for images 📝

ALT stands for alternative text. Images with alternative text give Google a chance to see the

2. Do keyword research for SEO 🔍

The first step, when creating content for SEO, is to understand what will be keywords you’ll optimize for. Keywords are the phrases or words that users usually search for on search engine optimization pages.

3. Optimize meta descriptions 📚

These are the short texts that show up under the title tag on the Search Engine Results Page. This is a chance for you to catch people’s attention if you write it unique, appealing and short.

4. Use internal & external links 🖇

-Internal links – links to other blogs on your website;

-External links – links that lead to higher authority pages and are relevant to the context, for example, links that lead to official case studies.

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