Why do I need an SEO audit and what does it show?

Even small changes in the online store can help achieve higher positions in search engines. By improving the content, structure, design, etc.c of your online store, you can significantly increase the chances that people will find your online store and shop directly with you. If you are serious about increasing your visibility on the web and getting more profit, then SEO audit is an essential first step to getting results. Read the article and find out why seo audit is needed and what it will provide!

What is SEO?

SEO (Search engine optimization) is the adaptation of the online store to the needs of Google, Bing.c. search engines. SEO is what allows you to appear on the front page of Google. The better the online store is optimized according to the requirements of search engines, the higher it will be ranked in search results. The better your online store’s position in search engines, the greater the flow of visitors to it from search engines, hence the higher the profits for your company.

What is an SEO audit?

SEO audit is the process of analyzing an online store in order to optimize it according to search engines. The audit looks at the whole set of factors that influence the location of the website on the search results pages (SERP).

SEO audits are carried out using professional SEO programs (e.g. semrush.com) and tools, rather than performing this work manually. Just as the builder uses various tools to perform high-quality home repairs, the SEO specialist also uses tools to assess what the problems are and what needs to be done to improve the quality of your online store.

What is the purpose of the SEO audit?

The purpose of the SEO audit is to evaluate the technical condition of your online store and overall compliance with SEO requirements, it allows you to identify opportunities for improvement and provide recommendations for further steps. SEO audit can be especially useful if you make improvements or additions to your online store, such as redesigning or adding new pages and content.

The audit will give you a clear idea of what has been accomplished and what to pay extra attention to. This can help you focus on the most important changes, rather than solving small problems that are not relevant to search engines.

What is evaluated during the SEO audit?

To make the online store friendly to search engines, an SEO audit is required. During the SEO audit, both the technical and content aspects of the online store are checked, so that recommendations can be made afterwards to ensure that your online store is optimized for successful long-term operation. The audit includes several aspects of the online store, including an in-depth examination of the technical structure, code, text and image optimization, internal links and backlinks.

SEO audit

What are backlinks?

Backlinks or backlink is a link from another site, forum or social networks, such as facebook, that directs visitors to your online store.

Why is baclinka important?

Backlinks are one of the most important seo points. Backlinks tells Google that other sites consider your content, product or service to be valuable and reliable enough to link to it. Backlinks will not only help improve your online store’s place in search engine results, but will also help increase the number of visitors.

What to consider when creating backlinks?

What matters is not only the number of baclink, which indicates your online store, but also the quality, authority, popularity of the sites.c, in which baclinks are placed. The more recognizable and authoritative sites you link to from your site, the greater the added value.

What does seo audit entail?

Technical seo audit:

  • – Website indexation check
  • – Analysis of website status codes. 301 and 404 pages
  • – Check the website section of the redirects
  • – Website speed test and analysis
  • – Inspection, analysis of the section of the website, navigation and internal structure
  • – Website robot.txt check that all settings are assembled correctly
  • – Website XML sitemap check
  • – Website duplicates, duplicate content
  • – Checking the website’s internal page for unnecessary content, unnecessary pages
  • – Off-page analytics. Are social networks connected, all analytics, accounting
  • – Mobile SEO check

Internal page audit:

  • – Internal page structure audit
  • – Analysis of keywords of the website
  • – Meta Data Analysis (Names of internal sections of the Website, Title, Meta Descriptions, Correct Use of Headings)
  • – Schema data check
  • – Analyzing the user experience: Hotjar, Mouseflow
SEO audit results


By performing an SEO audit, you will know:

  • – which worked well in your online store and where you need to make improvements
  • – what is the technical condition of your online store 
  • – what are the positions of the online store in search engines (it often happens that the online store is ranked high according to keywords that do not provide adequate data flow)
  • – whether links are broken (they negatively affect the user experience and increase the bounce rate)

Many companies that have conducted an SEO audit claim that it was one of the most valuable measures taken to improve the performance of their online store, to swallow it in respectable and easy-to-find search engines. SEO audit can help you do this! Apply for an SEO consultation and find out the technical condition of your online store and how to improve its performance on the web.