Why create a custom-made CRM system.

CRM is a customer and transaction accounting system that ensures that all information about customers, transactions and plans is quickly accessible and easy to process for employees.

Like companies, CRM systems come in different shapes and sizes. And many of them are specially designed for companies of certain sizes or for certain industries. The sectors where CRM systems are most often used are usually retail, business services, technology, banking and finance, as well as manufacturing. Companies facing customer service and administration.

In this article we will tell you what functions the CRM system performs, why the company needs such a system and why to choose a customized CRM system for your company.

What functions can CRM perform?

  • Allows you to see a complete customer overview and quickly find the necessary data
  • Allows you to keep track of the customer’s history, needs and current status
  • Categorize and group customers for analytics and planning purposesInvoice customers
  • Send e-mails, reminders, and save documents
  • Save time because all customer-related information is in the same system
  • Maintain a unified system with aggregated information about customers that ensures continuity of work even during staff changes or absences
  • Get data about customers immediately from the enterprise register database, where the most up-to-date data is always available
  • Manage your calendar and keep track of colleagues’ work schedules
  • Monitor the sales process

What can the CRM system bring to your company?

Extensive customer data – CRM system will have a whole history of your customers’ trends and habits. This information is essential for analyzing each client’s wishes and trends. Knowing your client’s habits, you will know what to offer.

Customer-oriented products/services – By analyzing data and knowing, as much as possible about your customers, for example, what price category, what brands, what products and at what time of year or day your target customers like to shop, you will be able to present the right product to the right people at the right time, thus growing your business.

Optimize the probability of conversions – Thanks to the CRM system, which stores all the information about your customers, you have a lot of information about customer preferences. You won’t have to waste time researching and collecting data about what your customers are looking for. In this way, by the time your competitors figure out what the target audience is looking for, you will have already presented it to them.

Customer retention – With CRM, you can collect information from many sources, including social media, and store it in one place to use it if necessary. By providing attentive assistance to customers in response to signals, specific requirements and taking into account the needs of customers, your company can improve the level of consumer loyalty.

Easy access to data anywhere – Data on an integrated CRM system shall be centralised so that it is available at any time and to any authorised person on any authorised device whenever necessary. Neither you nor your employees have to spend precious time or opportunity waiting for the system to be uploaded or data obtained. This increases productivity, which not only directly increases sales, but also builds the reputation of your company.

Improving the brand image on social media – A permanent customer base is essential for the success of any business, and a stable CRM system gives you more customers and shows you how to maintain relationships with them and make them loyal to your brand. If your customers are satisfied with your company’s service, they themselves will become advertisements for your brand and share their experience and recommend your product/service to others. Also, your company can collect feedback from its customers and upload them to social media platforms to gain trust and promote brand popularity.

Knowledgeable employees – CRM maintains a unified system with aggregated information about customers, which ensures continuity of work even during personnel changes or absences, thus preserving the professional reputation of your company.

Helps reduce costs – Another important aspect of why the CRM system is needed is that it helps to reduce the company’s costs. You will ask how this is possible if such a tool is expensive? As soon as you understand how to use and adapt the CRM system to your company’s needs, you will increase the efficiency of the company’s processes and understand what it is worth investing in and what not, because it does not work for your target customer.

Automation of daily tasks – Every day in the company you have to perform various tasks to ensure its proper and continuous operation. For example, sending e-mails, solving various issues, answering calls, generating reports. All this can be done with the help of CRM system, so that your employees can do more useful things for the growth of the company.

Improve the exchange of information between departments – With the help of CRM system, different teams in your company can access the same information unhindered. For example, a sales team and a customer service team can share the same information to close a transaction faster or even perform after-sales services or upgrade.

Income growth – it is very important to understand the meaning and necessity of CRM in the company. Once you understand and define it, CRM returns will increase and thus achieve higher sales goals. Then you can increase the offer of products and services to customers. This, in turn, would contribute to the satisfaction of your customers, which is also your main goal.

And that’s not all. This is just a small insight into the advantages of having a CRM system in the company and how it can help your company to grow. But now about why choose a customized CRM system.

Why individually tailored CRM system for your company?

A system created individually for the specifics of your company – Different companies have different needs. As a company develops, it is often necessary to rearrange its operational processes, which may require specific solutions that are not present in the market or are not adaptable in the particular situation. In these cases, the development of individual software is required. Because a customized program, differing from the finished solutions, can be restored, adjusted and changed settings at any time. The advantage of individual software over ready-made solutions is that it can be changed and improved at any time without being dependent on the supplier.

No monthly user fees – When choosing one of the ready-made CRM systems, you have to take into account the cost per user. If the company is small, it could even be profitable, but for large companies with a large number of employees it can lead to large costs. On the other hand, you pay for a customised system for development and no additional expenses, regardless of the number of system users and the system belongs to you.

Unlimited possibilities to expand the system as the business develops – as the Company grows and develops, additional functionality may arise, the ready-made solutions do not offer and there is no possibility to add this functionality. You are limited – you have to adapt to the system without the possibility to adapt it to the needs of the company. The individually designed system will be tailored to the specifics and needs of your business.

Possibility to connect with any tools used now – It is not always possible to connect the finished systems with tools that you may already be used to in your company and they are not a part of the business processes. Then, by creating a customized system, you will be able to connect it to any tool that is already used in the company, for example, Google Drive, Dropbox.c, etc., as well as connect it in the future with tools that will be implemented as the company develops.

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