What to consider when creating the content of the website.

Content is the basis of the website. All the information on your website is content – texts, pictures, videos. But in order for the content to attract visitors to the site, become authoritative and affecting, it is necessary to properly structure it. Content should be quick to review, easy to read, inviting, educational and entertaining so that it effectively appeals to the audience. It’s challenging, isn’t it?

In this article, in short, we will tell you what to pay attention to when creating the content of the website, so that it is both easy to review and meet seo requirements.


A brief explanation of the following text, with the help of which a website visitor can quickly navigate texts to find important and up-to-date information for themselves. Headlines also play a very important role for Google search engine – it indexes websites and determines by headlines what kind of information is available on your website. The recommended heading length is 50 to 70 characters. This is so that the entire title fits on the screens of both mobile devices and computers. Google will turn over longer headlines.


It’s just under the headline to explain your message. Instead of singing songs of praise for your product, think about how to emphasize its benefits and the value it brings to a potential customer. Create a subtitle about encouraging action — gives an incentive for site visitors to take action by encouraging them to click on the CTA (call to action) button, such as finding out more or buying now, applying, etc.

Texts and descriptions.

The purpose of the content and the audience determine how it is necessary to create and what should be included in the content of the website. Whether you have tried to offer a product to the customer with your writing, or it is an informative article. Whether the text is designed to sell its product or is designed for informational purposes, the content should be designed to be industry-specific and keyword-rich so that it is selected as best as possible in search engines such as Google. Try to form short and concise sentences and do not burst into essays that are too long. Depending on the complexity of the product, try to make its description short and as accurate as possible. Consider including lists and using text formatting that improves the readability of the text. Great attention will be paid to grammar and stylistics, as well as punctuation. Proper use of language testifies to a high level of culture and professionalism, as well as creates a pleasant and harmonious impression. It may happen that the customer, seeing that there are many errors on your website, will think that the services you provide will most likely also be mistaken.

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Images can play a crucial role in creating content. Most people love with their eyes and about 60% of consumers say that they are more likely to communicate or turn to a company whose image is visible in the search results. Therefore, it is very important to post quality images on your site that attract visitors to the website.

Make sure your site pictures aren’t:

  • foggy or of a different size
  • cut-out pictures with blurred edgesin
  • correctly corrected colors, it does not look good
  • inept, poor-quality picture merge, when it is evident that two different pictures are put together
  • Photobank pictures that look like standard photobank pictures (standard images that look the same)
  • incomprehensible proportions of the picture that have arisen after the reduction

Interesting pictures can be found free of charge on several free picture acquisition pages:

You can also edit pictures online with one of the image editing programs, such as Canva

Also, do not forget about optimizing images. Long loading times can negatively affect your SEO and encourage visitors to leave the site. If there are many pictures in the content of your website, it is very important to ensure a balance between image quality and file sizes. For example, in Photoshop, the option of compressing pictures is available.

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Video content.

93% of entrepreneurs say that video content on social media has increased the number of customers. In 2020, 85% of companies include video content in their marketing strategy. The numbers speak for themselves. With the help of video content, you can show your potential customers more clearly, for example, how your product/service works, what it provides, what can be done with it, etc. With the video, you can provide demonstrations, insights, instructions and more. Let your imagination run wild, but also here you notice – quality over quantity.

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Create a blog.

The blog is not only a good content tool to attract the attention of potential customers, educate and inform, but it is also a very good SEO tool. Even if your company doesn’t have regular news to write about, you can include general information related to your business in your blog. In order for the content of the article to perform the seo optimization function, all you have to do is add the main keywords of your industry to them. You can create an article at least once a week, the text should preferably be supplemented with images, internal links to the main sections and the social networks of the company. This, too, will produce visible results on SEO in the long term

If, however, creating the content of the website itself seems difficult, or there is neither the time nor the desire to deal with it, you can entrust the creation of texts to a copywriter, the preparation of pictures to the photographer and entrust the video materials to an operator to film. It will not be free, of course. Most copywriters take a fee for the number of words, others for hours, including photographers and operatives charge for work for hours, plus picture processing and video editing. But remember – the content of the site is its soul!