What is the process of developing web projects.

In our industry, we often find customers who are interested in developing web projects because of the desire to develop a business, but are unfamiliar with the planning and conduct of this process. We are more than happy to provide all the necessary information to our customers and help to understand the next steps of business development. In order not to repeat ourselves, we have created this article, and we hope that it will help!


Projects can be different – from an informative website, an online store to a closed company system – the possibilities are very diverse. Sometimes it is difficult for the client to understand exactly what is needed and why. In this case, consultations with people who deal with it on a daily basis, for example, with us, help a lot.

The development cycle usually begins with proper planning, understanding the size of the project and imagining the desired outcome.

Project planning.

The development cycle usually starts with careful planning, awareness of the scale of the project and outlining the desired outcome. In order for the result to be of high quality, it is very important that the project is thought out up to the smallest details. Planning is an important part of the process, in which it is discussed what are the available standard solutions and what is the desired result of the client. After such a conversation, it becomes clear to the client which platform to choose, taking into account the available time and financial resources.


After creating the plan, the next important step follows – a detailed design plan. This includes the development of an attractive brand, a well-planned landing page, a harmonious platform look and the creation of simple navigation. The design design will be the first thing that the client will notice and that will create his idea of the system.

web preojekti izstrade 21

Front-end development.

This is the part of the system that is visible to the customer. This is the design of the website, navigation bars, texts, etc. In simple terms, all you see on the website is the front-end section. When building this part, a good design design on any device where this system will be used and on a screen of any size is important. It is important to introduce logically arranged navigation and easy-to-understand texts.

Back-end development.

Back-end is a part of the system that the client does not see, but it is as important as the front-end section, because all the data was stored here. For example, if you buy a ticket to a concert, you operate on the front-end side of this system on the ticketing platform, but as soon as you have to process your data everything continues to take place directly on the back-end side. Back-end is where all the inputs and system logic were stored, and the development of this logic is the most time-consuming part of the project. After planning, it is recommended to divide all the technical back-end functions into several segments, in addition, in order to avoid various technical errors, it is recommended to check each segment.

System testing,

After the development of the system, its full cycle testing can be started. This includes checking the functionality of the system, reviewing the software code and stress tests or simulating overload caused by a large number of users. The purpose of the test is to make sure that everything works exactly as originally planned and that no unexpected problems arise.

server setup1

Server setup and project deployment.

Proper deployment of the system is very important both in the process of its development and in the start of operation. It is recommended that the developed project has an official location, as well as a separate place for its modifications, which can then be added to the official design (test environment and production environment).

Both if you have created a detailed plan or are still in the initial stages of planning, feel free to contact us, we will answer all questions and help you to perform any task!