The main goal of Viva Nami's activity is to develop the real estate market in Latvia and provide high-quality services in the real estate market; to play the role of a reliable, professional and practical associate and advisor, and to satisfy the needs and specific wishes of customers in terms of prices, deadlines and specific requirements. In this way, providing customers with an orderly and well-organized living space.


Vivanami offers a wide range of properties, and we aim to represent it as clearly as possible, since a property consists of many different data: area, number of rooms, price, location and other filters. Our main challenge was to create a filter that is as easy as possible for the user to understand and as easy to use as possible, so that everyone can quickly find the most suitable property for them.


1. Simple filtering

2. Comprehensible representation of different categories of data

3. Mobile friendly

Main screens

Mobile View

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