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Līgatne Winery is a family-owned company founded in 2010 with the aim to make quality and tasty homemade wine from berries and fruits grown in Latvia. The wines are made from berries, fruits, plants and flowers grown in the territory of Gauja National Park. And that's not all - an opportunity not only to buy house wine, but also to apply for a romantic wine enjoyment event by candlelight in a sandstone cave in Līgatne, on the rock "Lustūzis".


One of the biggest challenges was to combine the functionality of the online store and the highlighting of wine tastings registrations at the same time. Various prototypes were developed in which various potential solutions were tested. The client wanted the online store to stand out for its uniqueness, Ligatne caves, local store, nature. Therefore, we went to visit the company in Ligatne to get to know and understand the company, brand and specifics closer. After the visit, a unique page design was developed.


1. Unique design

2. Customised catalogue

3. Introduction of individual engraving options for wooden boards

4. Attractive product view

5. Increase the number of wine tasting applications

6. Mobile friendly

7. Convenient shopping process

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