How to protect your online store?

Considering that you are reading this article, we understand that your online store is important to you and are looking for ways to protect it from the nails of various nephews. We will be happy to share the tips and steps you can take to maximize security on the Internet!

Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTPS).

HTTPS is a communication protocol for secure network communication. In simple terms, it is a system that encrypts data that is sent from the client search engine to your server. Encryption is necessary so that when someone intercepts this information, they can’t do anything about it.

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Important information for users.

Name, place of residence, bank account, etc.c. are private and sensitive information that should not fall into the hands of strangers. It is also not recommended to store credit card information in your online store. We can never be 100% sure that if your online store was hacked, there would be no leaks.
To avoid such a problem, you can use a tokenization system. It is a protection system that replaces sensitive data with tokens. This system stores the right information in a safe place and replaces it with a badge. If this badge is intercepted, it is invalid for the thief, because the transcript is in a “safe” that cannot be reached so easily. If you should add that a hosting service with data backup storage, good support and RAID data protection system will also be useful.

Regular security check.

We recommend that every company perform regular security checks on its internal systems. It is very important to make sure that your online store has not encountered any weaknesses that hackers could use to their advantage. It also helps to make sure that your protection system is still active and not outdated. For example, if a robber came to rob a bank with a pistol, but the guards had only stones and sticks in their hands, it would be quite easy for the robber to fulfill his plan!
The security check can be done by yourself, trying to break through the store’s security system in different ways, but this is not recommended in cases where you do not know what you are doing. On the Internet you can find various scanners that can do this work for you. We recommend choosing a scanner that checks both the online store itself and the hotspot, thus making the most of the security.

Backup copies of the database.

Regularly make backups or backups of the database. If someone gets to your database data or causes other harm, you will have a recent data reserve containing all the latest improvements and information. Make sure your hosting has automatic data backup.

We hope that this article helped you! If you need help or have any questions, feel free to contact us, we will help!

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There are many different ways to put armor on your online store. In our opinion, these are the most important steps, and so that you do not have to scratch your head, trying to go into it all, we put it all in short, easy-to-understand points.
1. Reliable hosting service with data backup storage, good support and RAID data protection system.
2. Secure hypertext transfer protocol (HTTPS) or communication protocol for secure communication on a computer network.
3. Sensitive information about website users – do not store customer bank card information in the online store, but use the tokenization system.
4. Regular safety inspection. Regular security checks can be carried out with special scanners that check both the online store itself and the hotspot.


On the Internet you can find a lot of information about different ways to make your online store safer. These were, in our opinion, the most important points to look out for. We very much hope that this article helped you! If you need help or have questions, feel free to contact us. Good luck and good luck!