Website – 5 facts why your company needs it!

A website is a virtual office of a company

Your company, however, has its own office premises, where customers and/or cooperation partners are accepted, employees of your company work! Why not set up this office in the digital environment as well? With a professionally designed website, you give an idea of what your company is and what exactly it is doing. Its content, texts, visuals and symbols show how you differ from your competitors and what is the added value of your business

Website required by your customers

Every day we often hear “Why would I need a house wet? I know what I’m selling.’ Of course, as an entrepreneur, you know your product or service well, so you don’t need the information on the page. It is necessary for customers who want to find the product/service that you offer.

Both existing and potential customers want to find contact information, find out the latest news and information related to the product or service in the most fast and simple way possible. The first place where we look for goods and services of interest is Google. But how often do we even impose on a company that does not have an online store or website

Website helps to maintain quality

Super popular phrases: Everyone already knows my company! Or “The Caurus will need, it’s going to find me!”
And now think about why, brands like Coca Cola, Apple, MCdonalds, still continue to invest in advertising and the development of the digital environment, if everyone knows these brands anyway and buys their products? Business must be developed all the time, and development must not stop! The high level must be maintained, because your competitors are unlikely to sleep either. It is very good if your business is 70% – 80% based on existing customers. But how are you going to attract the other 20-30%?

What will you do if one of the big customers stops cooperating? The website is one of the main tools nowadays with which to attract an audience and tell you who you are, what you are doing, what is the added value of the service or product and why choose you

The website makes you visible

I’m on social media! That’s where I’m found! And now ask yourself – how often do you use Facebook or Instagram to search for a particular product or service? Social networks are a very good channel to promote brand awareness, but the website is needed for instant Google searches.

When people are looking for a particular service, product, industry, or even a particular company, they do so on search engine services like Google, so your business needs to be visible in the search results. Also, social networks do not provide an opportunity to view all the necessary information in one place. The company’s overall view and added value are not displayed. In contrast, the website allows the customer to quickly and easily understand whether the company meets the customer’s needs

Website creates brand identity

Most importantly, you have the opportunity to choose what your website will look like. Reflect in it the brand identity using individual design. Your company’s website is a tool to provide a ride to customers the way you want it, not as intended by Facebook or Instagram. Social media pages, as well as a Google My Business profile, look the same for everyone, only product or service descriptions and pictures differ

website for your business

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