Prerequisites for a profitable website.

How to get the website to start earning money? How to create a profitable website? After all, what should a website be like to be profitable? In this article we will tell you what to consider when creating your own website so that it attracts and retains customers.

Your website will be like an “employee” of the company, which will work to attract new customers, so when planning its development, think about how you want it to interact with the visitors of the page and encourage them to become customers!

Presentable website

This means that the website not only looks good and is beautifully designed, but it must also represent your company, and you must show your company’s occupation specifically. Your website should be visually attractive, modern and easy to understand in order to make a good first impression and the customer does not get lost and drown in the amount of information.

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Purpose of the website

What purpose will your site serve? It can serve to sell a product or service, the purpose of the website may also be to provide information to attract more customers, promote the company’s visibility, or facilitate work processes.

For example, if you are a hairdresser or a manicure specialist, you can incorporate a calendar with available appointment times on your website and the client himself, through this calendar, can apply for the most convenient free time available to you. You can also create a gallery where a potential customer can view your portfolio. Only by clearly defining the goal will it be possible to develop a website that will effectively fulfill this goal.

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Call to action and button placement

If you want to ensure that the visitor of your website stays on your website and takes some action, determine for each page of the internet resource its main purpose, which you want it to fulfill, every time someone visits it. Use the call to action buttons on your website, such as “buy”, “add to cart”, “apply for a consultation”, “learn more”, “schedule an appointment”, highlight buttons that are promoting your business or provide/lead to important information or section, “unwanted” buttons are created neutral, for example, “unsubscribe” or “remove from the basket”, so that visitors follow you and your company’s activities, read news, buys your product or service, looks at work photos, reads articles on your site.

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Target audience

This could even be the most important point for your website to be profitable. There are very few products and services that fit and are necessary for absolutely everyone on the planet. Therefore, it is very important to determine the target audience of your product or service. For example, if you sell children’s clothing, your target audience will be older, more women, possible age category +/-20 to 40 years and you will definitely want to tell you why children’s clothing you offer is the best choice and how they differ from those offered by competitors, for example, easy to wash, made of natural materials, antiallergic, etc. To determine your target audience, answer the following questions:

  • Who are my clients (women or men)?
  • What is my client’s education?
  • What age category does my client have?
  • What are my client’s interests and hobbies?
  • What is my client’s marital status?
  • What is my client’s income level and standard of living?
  • What does my client need most (what problem can I solve with my product/service)?
  • What does my client expect when visiting my website?

Knowing what your ideal customer is, it will be much easier for you to create appealing and attractive content and various campaigns for your target audience.

Content of the website

Content is the soul of your website. It performs both the function of presentation and the function of informing and educating. Incorporating a picture gallery into your website can serve as your portfolio brilliantly, you can publish various informative educational articles in the blog section. Regularly update your blog with new articles, providing advice and information on various topical topics related to your product or service. The better and more useful information is published on your website, the greater the number of visitors to the website becomes and all visitors of the website, thanks to valuable articles, will make sure of the professionalism of your company and, if necessary, choose your company.

Analysis and research

In order to evaluate the effectiveness of the website, you will have to regularly follow what is happening on the website and make appropriate adjustments both at the advertising events and in the content of the website. Nowadays there is a wide range of tools that allow to analyse website visit statistics, give an opportunity to view the activities of visitors on the website, as well as to find out what elements of the website and parts of the content visitors view the most and which sections are not visited at all. Currently, the world’s most popular website free analytics tool is Google Analytics, It gives you the opportunity to see:

  • How many users visit the website.
  • Where do users come from.
  • At what times and days users visit the website.
  • How much time each user spends on average on the website.
  • From which countries there are users.
  • Which sections of the website users read the most and for how long.
  • From which pages users most often leave.
  • A lot of other important parameters.
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For example, heatmap and hotjar heat cards are a powerful tool to understand what users are doing on the pages of your website – where they click, how far they scroll, what they watch or what they ignore.


Other useful tools:

PageSpeed Insights – a free tool that performs website loading speed diagnostics

Google Trends – data on internet usage habits and use of various devices, insights into consumer behaviour at different stages of purchase are available – by conducting research, making a purchase, shopping online, etc., in the “The Smart Viewer” section you can get information about online video viewing habits, for example, with how many other people usually watch a video together, in which in the room at home there is watching video and whether tv is viewed in parallel.

With analytics programs, you have the opportunity to improve, first of all, your marketing – to understand where it works properly, where it is wrong, where you could redirect more money, or what to optimize your costs. Secondly, they are able to improve the operation of your website, assess which are the weaknesses of your website, which is what causes visitors to leave the page or otherwise not to fulfill the main goals of the website. Thirdly, these tools help to improve the product and its quality, making it more user-friendly, accessible and accurate.

Of course, these are not the only factors that will determine whether your website will bring you profit, but these are the things that should start and pay close attention to. It is very important – you should not save on the development of the website, choose the first one that is found by Google or put it in the hands of lay people, because later your contribution to the website will be reflected in the profits made from it. You have decided to create a website for your company or upgrade the existing one – contact us and we will recommend the best solutions for your budget!