Prepare your online store for the madness of shopping

Christmas has always been a big shopping time and if you are prepared for it in time, you can anticipate a larger amount of orders in the store, which, of course, is positive, but it has to be prepared, the greater the influx of visitors to the website, also provides for a greater load on your store.

We have prepared some tips on how to prepare for more purchases and how to prepare your online store for the festive shopping craziness.

Arranges internal processes.

  • Consider training staff in a timely manner for the festive rush so that your employees can handle all requests in the shortest possible time.
  • As you know, a lot of people leave their holiday shopping for the last minute, so fast reaction time and application processing will be your main trump card.
  • Refresh your employees’ knowledge of the product in order to be able to quickly provide pictures to customers about them, as well as about holiday discounts.
  • Develop a clear and understandable plan for your employees to handle in different situations (return of goods, return of money, logistics prcesi.c, etc.).
  • Talk to the team in time about what the work schedule will be.
  • Because Christmas and New Year are the biggest and most important holidays of the year, where people shop the most and there may be a situation where people – your employees – want to ruin the holiday season and spend it with their families, while the big activity takes place.
  • You may need to look for helpers outside your company.Take care of the festive mood of your employees in the workplace.
  • Make sure that fresh, aromatic coffee and some festive treats are available at the workplace.
  • This will help to maintain a positive mood for your employees during the holidays and serve your customers equally positively. 😉

Review your return policy.

  • Consider whether the deadlines are suitable for the correct return of goods.
  • If someone places an order before such a busy holiday season, the return time of these customers’ goods could be longer than usual, not only because of the workload of your store’s staff, but also because of the suppliers.
  • You can even negotiate with logistic companies how they assess what the capacity might be at this time.
  • Make sure that your store’s return policy clearly indicates what can be returned and under what conditions. In this way, there will be no unpleasant surprises for those who buy gifts for their loved ones and friends, which in turn will also facilitate the work of your staff.
  • Be sure to make sure that all the information provided in your online store is accurate and up-to-date.
  • For example: product descriptions, product pictures (preferably if there are several of them, to make it easier for the buyer to choose davan), frequently asked questions
  • Consider adding digital gift cards to the store.
  • Get more conversions by allowing you to buy gift cards in a simple way that will allow you to shop in your online store.
  • This is a great solution for those who buy gifts at the last minute, or for those whose relatives and friends live far away, but want to please their loved ones and make something quick.
  • Also, this is a great opportunity to earn income for your business and get new customers who will definitely want to make repeated purchases in your online store.

Ensure that the online store has the opportunity to change information quickly and easily.

In the event that any delivery times change, taking into account the supplier’s switching off, you should be able to inform your customers about the delivery deadlines in a timely manner. If any information about the timing of the shipment and/or pegade or offers changes – you should be able to react quickly and inform your customers. And if it is not possible to change such information in the online store without the help of programmers, problems and unpleasant situations may arise, as well as additional workload for employees, because customers will have to be informed at each order manually, that is, by calling each customer.

Also assemble products in gift sets.

Sell more with ready-made gift sets, thus helping people buy the perfect gift. Offer pre-prepared gift baskets and/or packages to make it easier to purchase gifts, or let customers create gift sets themselves from the products the customer wants.

A great example is one of the market leaders, who, for a fee, offers to buy a product already wrapped as dhawan.

Think outside the box! Allows the customer to add to the gift also things that are not everyday items in your store, such as the new year planner, Christmas lights, calendar and other related products with the holidays, which will make the gift even more attractive.

Plan marketing campaigns

Start with things that encourage people to place bigger orders. For example:

  • Free delivery from a specific purchase amount or quantity
  • Free gifts from a specific purchase amount or the amount of prducts
  • Discount orders from a specific pixie amount.c.

Once you have created a special offer for your online store, start promoting it, for example, on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), remarketing tools, store landing page, product and store sections.

Don’t forget about your existing and regular customers and about those who were your customers. Contact them by e-mail or sms, inform about promotions and special holiday offers.

Make sure your advertising campaigns stand out with effective images, attractive but simple design and/or short video clips.

Refresh the design of the online store

Shops often set up their own rooms to tune their pirceus for the holidays, creating a pleasant atmosphere.

Just like that, you can create a festive atmosphere in your online store as well.

For example, inserting festive graphic images instead of flashing tinsel. Highlight the festive theme also at product pictures, banners, carousels, various other graphic attachments and time review, timers that indicate how long until the end of the campaign, which will create a sense of urgency for the visitor and will make them not hesitate to make purchases.

Performs website testing before the big activity

No matter what changes you make – whether they are small fixes or adding a more complex degree of funckioanity, be sure to make sure that all the functionality of the online store works perfectly before the start of the big holiday shopping. During the holidays, you may not have time to keep track of the mistakes that have arisen due to the changes made.

Important functions that should be checked are:

  • Check-out process
  • All payment methods
  • Delivery pricing calculators
  • Coupon codes
  • Mobile versionStore
  • Navigation Bar
  • Links from landing pages and purchase guides
  • CTA buttons in the online store
  • U.C.

Plan on time and use festive shopping to promote your online store and develop your business, at the same time, providing impeccable service and an excellent shopping experience for your customers so that they want to return to you.

WD Market team still has a bright and beautiful holiday on every website and for each of you.