Individually designed software?

In view of the fact that nowadays IT systems are subject to ever higher requirements and, in general, they are becoming more complex, there is an increasing decline in the purchase of finished systems in favour of the development of customised software. Why is it necessary and what are the advantages of such a choice?

Who needs the development of individual software?

As the name suggests, something is adapted to special needs. In this case, it is a system tailored specifically to your business needs, making it much easier and more accurate to implement the functions you want.

Predominantly, all the finished software that can be purchased is designed for a wide audience with similar requirements. However, often such systems cannot solve exactly your most pressing needs. In addition, ready-made software often includes additional features that you might not need, so a particular software component may not benefit, but directly interfere.

An example can be used is the hospital’s patient and resource management system, which is almost impossible to create according to the example of a ready-made solution. Another example would be the need to integrate the online store with an already running warehouse or accounting system. With ready-made solutions, these options can be very limited.

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For the advantages.

Security – Tailor-made software is usually more secure than ready-made solutions. This is explained by the fact that such a solution offers the customer to choose for himself which protection systems to use in the software. It is also necessary to take into account the fact that already ready-made systems are much more attractive to hackers. If hacked, hackers are provided with an already proven strategy of accessing the data of many more companies using such a system.

Cost – It is possible that a ready-made system may seem cheaper at first, however, training and costs of licenses, users and technical staff for additional functions (which may prove necessary, but this system does not offer them) quite quickly in total can lead to very large expenses in total.

In turn, the development of custom software allows you to plan the entire development and implementation process, using only the budget available to you. You can start with the most necessary functions and add additional features over time, if it turns out to be necessary. In addition, it is important that splitting such a project into parts will allow you to easily review it and will give you time for new ideas and planning the next steps.

Flexibility – As mentioned above, the system is created especially for you, so it gives you the opportunity to choose to develop exactly what you want, and no more. In turn, in the case of rapid growth of the company, new technical requirements may arise, and for customized software it will be much easier to make these updates than for a ready-made, standardized system.

Maintenance – In the case of individual software, your support team can provide regular, fast maintenance and improvement work. The advantage is that if any weaknesses or problems in the system were found, for a custom-made system, these shortcomings can be eliminated much faster. With one of the finished solutions, you should wait for updates from the software developer to fix it, and usually it takes at least a couple of months, often more.

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Which system to choose?

Perhaps this article gives you the suspicion that we have a personal hatred for the already ready-made systems. We can safely say that this is not the case, quite simply we are much more appreciative of the adapted systems mentioned above and the advantages they offer.

In case your company has not set very specific requirements for what this system should be, and you are familiar with the option that fully satisfies you, we recommend choosing an existing solution!

However, if you know that you want a specific system designed specifically for your company that can be improved in the future just as you want, we sincerely recommend the development of a tailor-made system! After all, technology must serve man, not human technology.


We hope that this article provided you with the information you needed or helped you make the best choice. Good luck finding the right one and we will be glad to assist you in making the right choice!