Have a website, but no customers?

You made a website, but the influx of customers hasn’t changed? Is this something familiar?

The most common reasons that people do not buy a product or service on your website are bad websites UI/UX – in other words, the website is not attractive and convenient for customers, or the company does not think about marketing and advertising activities, or they are insufficient.

In this article we will try to explain to you more why a website without marketing and marketing without a website does not bring the expected results.

What is marketing?

Marketing is not one particular activity. Advertising is not marketing either. But advertising is one of the marketing activities to introduce potential customers to their product or service.

Marketing is a set of activities that are carried out purposefully and are aimed at the company’s buyers or customers, exploring their needs and meeting these needs – it is a management process in which the needs of the customer are explored, anticipated and met in such a way that it brings profit to the company.

What does marketing involve?

As mentioned above, marketing is a set of several activities that include activities such as:

  • Direct sales – individual communication between the seller and the customer, consultations
  • Remote selling – e.g. telemarketing
  • Advertising – any activity aimed at promoting the popularity and demand of goods or services – environmental advertising, TV and radio advertising, advertising on social networks, paid advertising by Google and Facebook
  • Public relations: maintaining systematic communication with the public in order to gain its trust. The aim is to create a favorable opinion about the company and promote trust and the company’s reputation
  • SEM (search engine marketing) search engine marketing, which also includes SEO optimization. Creating high-quality and useful content for customers on your website
  • As fats are the perfect sales tool. No matter how much you promote your product or service, people will trust other people more who have already tried it and recommend it to others. Therefore, be sure to ask your customers for feedback and share them on social networks, post them on your website and on your Google My Business profile. The best advertisement is from the mouth to the ear!

These are some examples of how to attract customers and promote your brand. If you already have your own website, or are just planning to develop it, then you know that just because you will have a website will not be enough to attract customers. In fact, your website is an additional marketing tool that, without other marketing and sales activities, will not add value to your company.

Your website should serve as your company’s business card in the digital environment, where the greatest activity takes place nowadays. And the saying is true – if you can’t be found on the Internet, you’re not there at all! Nowadays, especially in the current situation, when it could be said that we are a little even forced, but already accustomed to searching for all information, products and services on the Internet, it is very important that the products and services you offer can be found in the digital environment.

Your website must have high-quality and properly designed content – enough information about the offered service or product, clear and comprehensible descriptions, high-quality product images, correct and orderly placement of information and products, convenient and attractive design, so that the visitor of your page does not even want to look for the product offered by you at competitors. And do not forget about reviews from your customers.

It should be mentioned that right now, when the purchase of products and services takes place on the Internet, competition has also moved directly to the digital environment, so if you are the owner of a website or online store, you had to think about optimizing your site SEO the day before, and already yesterday you had to start working on it in order to enjoy the fruits of SEO today.

Use social networks to your advantage. Create your company’s profiles on social networks, share company profiles with news, promotions, company news, customer feedback, engage and engage potential customers in various discussions. This will help you to promote your product or service, promote brand awareness and gain trust from potential customers, strengthen it among existing customers, as well as increase sales by redirecting your followers and potential customers to a website that contains extensive and clear information about your company, product and/or service.

What we wanted to tell you in this article is that your website cannot and will never be effective without thoughtful marketing and your company’s marketing activities will not be effective enough without a good and properly designed website.

If you are still wondering if this is the right time to develop a website or online store, then you know – the right time was yesterday, the second time is today! Don’t wait for the right moment – apply for a free consultation and find out how the WD Market team can help you!