5 possible reasons of the website?

1. Business card

Description of the company, contact form, and most importantly – contact information, so that the potential customer can communicate!

2. Sales page

In parallel with the operation of an online store or website, a separate sales page, which is created with the aim of forcing the customer to purchase a particular product, service or redirect him or her to a specific link.

3. Informative website that will present the company in the digital environment

An informative website is already more than a business card website. The goal is to present the company. Including not only a brief description of the company, but also descriptions of visual materials, goods or services and other informative materials.

4. Online store

The purpose of the online store is simple – marketing and wider coverage of the target audience. It can be the only sales channel or as an addition to face-to-face marketing.

5. Marketing platform

The marketing platform, such as EtsyAmazonEbay,.c etc., aims to market goods or services by bringing together several parties (sellers/buyers) in one place. The owner of the trading platform is an intermediary between the seller and the buyer and receives commissions for the use of the platform.

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