5 ways email marketing can help your business grow!

You’ve definitely heard many say that email marketing is “dead,” “outdated” or, on the contrary, it’s used by so many that it doesn’t seem to make sense to start. That’s not the case! While people tend to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of emails they receive every day, this form of digital marketing can be extremely effective at promoting their online store and company. We have compiled some ways in which e-mail marketing can help the development of your online store, improve your customer experience and promote the company’s turnover!

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a way to stay connected with your existing and potential customers. E-mail marketing is a regular sending of e-mails to customers who have agreed to receive messages in the form of e-mails from your company. By regularly sending e-mails you remind the target audience of your existence, thus it is more likely that the customer will choose you. As well as when the customer needs the product you are selling, they will not have to look for you for long, because with regular sending of e-mails your company will be at the forefront.

Different types of e-mail marqueeing :

  • – Re-engagement emails:

It’s a great way to get your audience back! Re-engagement emails work well if you want to reconnect with customers who haven’t been active recently. For example, the customer last purchased an item from you half a year ago. Use a re-engagement email offering a coupon or some discount to slightly increase his motivation to continue shopping with you. In this way, you remind you of your company.

  • – Informative e-mails :

These are informative e-mails on topics that are relevant to your audience. These types of emails often contain tips or suggestions related to a specific topic that help solve a problem or achieve a goal. For example, if you are selling household appliances, you can send an e-mail explaining how the purchase of a particular item will make it easier for the buyer to become involved and what are the benefits of this product.

  • – Advertising e-mails :

Advertising emails are used to promote, for example, new products, special offers and other limited types of content. Advertising emails, as a rule, also include CTA buttons that invite the email reader to take specific action. For example, you have sent a promotional email to the customer about a new product, including the CTA button, so that the customer can go to your online store and buy this product.

e-mail marketing

1. Email marketing can increase sales

Email marketing is a great way to promote the sale of your products or services. The main thing is that you can reach people who have already expressed interest in what you have offered. You know they’re interested because they’ve applied to receive emails. 

You can send ads in emails highlighting offers, sales, discounts and personalized offers to boost sales.

!!! Customers are likely to open it and click on the link or CTA button on it when they receive your e-mail, than if they accidentally see a generic ad while browsing the Internet.

Customers will buy from you more often if they already know your brand. They are also more likely to make impulsive purchases, as they have already received promotional emails from you in the past.

email marketing increases sales

2. Email marketing helps to increase brand awareness

Email marketing is a powerful tool to help build your brand. If e-mail marketing is done correctly, it will help you to build relationships with customers and convey your message to them. Email marketing has become increasingly popular over the years as it helps companies build personal connections with customers.

It will also allow you to increase brand awareness by sending information about new products or services available in your online store, as well as other useful information, such as coupons or discounts, which are available only with the links sent by e-mail.

Email marketing helps to build your brand’s reputation. Since e-mails nowadays are considered spam by many, it is very important that the marketing of e-mails is developed correctly, because then, when you receive your e-mail, the customer will know that you care about communicating with him or her via e-mail, not only for advertising purposes, but also with personalized offers or discounts.

!!!Email marketing helps to build your brand and keep it top-of-mind so that when people need your service or product, they remember about you first!

3. Email marketing helps keep customers

Email marketing allows you to stay connected with customers and remind them of their products. Improves customer resilience by regularly sending emails and encouraging them to make more purchases. For example, if your customer has previously expressed an interest in a product that was not available and left the online store. You can send him an email asking him to re-order when the product is available again. Everything you need an exciting e-mail that will make your customers return!

e-mail marketing keeps customers

4. Email marketing helps you connect with your audience at a deeper level

Personalized messages :

Email marketing allows you to send personalized messages based on user behaviour and preferences. This means that if someone has visited your online store and purchased a product there, then the next e-mail will be adapted for this information.

Relevant content :

When people apply for some communication with a company (whether it’s an email or social media), they have certain expectations about what kind of content they’ll get from those sources. If the company does not meet these expectations, customers may refuse to receive further messages – or worse– to stop interacting with your company altogether! It is therefore important that all messages sent meet the needs of customers, while ensuring value for both parties involved (customer/company).

5. Email marketing helps to show the authority of the company

Email marketing can help build authority and trust.

An email is a great way to show customers that you know what you’re talking about. For example, if you are a phone manufacturer and your product is the latest and best in the field of mobile technology, it is important that people know that you are an expert in this field. You can prove this by using an email marketing campaign, sharing mobile-related news – and don’t forget to include your product! By regularly providing such valuable content, you will be able to assert yourself as an authority both in the field of phone development and in the wider field of technology.

It also helps build trust among consumers who are looking for products that effectively solve their problems without exhausting their budgets. E-mail marketing allows you to demonstrate how effectively the product or service you offer solves problems before you convince the potential customer of its value – this increases the probability that they will buy directly from you.


Email marketing has been around for some time, but it’s still one of the most effective ways to connect with your target audience. It’s an important tool to use if you want people to learn about your business and how it works. By regularly sending e-mails, you will be able to build closer relationships with customers and inform them about the latest developments in your company.

!!! Don’t forget the importance of testing and analyzing the results of each email marketing campaign to get even better results in your next campaign!

It is not only an effective marketing solution, but also one of the most financially advantageous channels for promoting your company. E-mail marketing ensures that the average return on 1 euro spent is 42 euros.

Email marketing is surprisingly simple and effective. If you don’t use it yet, then it’s the right time to start!