Effective and attractive landing page.

If you read this, you don’t care how to build the best landing page for the website. You are on the right track because the WD Market team will be happy to share the insights and advice we have gained as a result of hard work and experience!

Why is that important?

Nowadays, many processes have been made electronic, and companies that do not use digitalization to their advantage miss a lot of customers and do not give their company the opportunity to grow faster. Most people nowadays get information on the Internet and your website is part of it!

A modern person cannot learn about you and the services provided by the company if they do not have a place to get this information (except for advertisements, if you place them). In our opinion, the easiest way to provide information about your occupation, instead of answering 1,000 phone calls, is to put it on the Internet. Your website is your presence on the web, and through it you electronically inform people about your goods or services.

What about the landing page? When the customer opens your website, it is like the face of your company – the first thing the customer sees, thus getting first impressions of your company. Attracting the customer’s attention is often quite difficult, but it is easy to repel. It will be difficult for your potential customer to take you seriously if the first thing you can see on the website is three long paragraphs of text in a collective collection with an unattractive image. But often that’s exactly what happens!

Title and description.

When you get to the landing page, what’s the first thing a person sees? In the best case, it should be an instantly visible, appealing headline with a brief and simple description.

What does an appealing headline mean? For example, if you sell goods for a garden, maybe instead of the heading “Goods for the garden”, it would be better to write “Everything for your garden”. Or, if you represent dentistry, instead of the headline “Dental Clinic”, write “Be proud of your smile?” These are just two examples of how to make the title much more attractive.

What is a simple description? A person’s attention may become unsustainable after viewing several websites, and only a few seconds may be given to attract the attention of a potential customer. If a long and boring text follows immediately after the title, it is most likely to lose the customer’s attention. In this case, less is more. What is your company and what does it offer? How can you help? It must be said briefly and succinctly.

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Feedback is a great way to promote people’s trust in the service you offer. Let’s be honest, most people don’t know you… The exception will be if you are a celebrity , in which case we are happy for you! But what better way to learn about the quality of a service or product, if not other people’s experience? Therefore, we recommend that you find a place for good reviews on your website. But do not overdo the number, 4-6 reviews will be enough, quality is important, not quantity.


Another great way to establish contact with a potential client is a short and interesting video. What you find more attractive – to search the website for a lot of information and read it or watch a short, well-planned video?

It’s great if the video is able to elicit pleasant emotions in the clients. Be creative, arouse interest, make customers laugh and show that you can improve their lives! None of us would like to watch a long and boring video of how the company praises itself, showing beautiful actors in a perfect office who pretend to understand perfectly what they are doing.

Therefore, it is worth returning to the idea of how you can help your customer, what can your company do for the customer? If it is difficult to get to such an answer right away, with the help of the Internet you will find many examples of how to draw inspiration.

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Call to action button.

CTA, or Call to action, is a highlighted button that encourages the customer to take some action. For example, apply for an appointment, learn more, join a list, etc. The button should be well visible, but not too intrusive. You can place it under the website title and the company’s short description, where it is well visible. Be careful, though! I don’t think it’s nice to visit a website where there’s a huge red button “!!!! in the middle of the screen Join us!!!!”

A good way to get a person to click and stay longer on your website is by offering something for free or at a discount. Let’s be honest, everyone likes things for free. For example, if you offer a discount or courses for free, you could write “Special Offer” or “Free Courses” on the button.

Excellent if the button has an attractive design and the appropriate color (this also applies to the design of the page itself). Perhaps you have not imagined, but certain colors in people of different cultures cause specific associations. For example, for people living in latvian latitudes, blue is associated with peace, intelligence, trust, whereas red is associated with energy, strength and passion.

Mobile devices.

There is a possibility that your landing page is very attractive on a large computer screen, but not on small mobile devices. It would be good to check this in a timely manner, and if necessary, to fix this problem, because nowadays phones (and tablets) are used not only for calls, text messages and games, but also for surfing the Internet. It is very likely that a large number of people visiting your home environment will do so using one of the mobile devices!

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We are all just human beings and understand very well that it is very difficult to remember everything once, but do not worry, because it is for this reason that we will put everything important in a short and easy-to-read list!

Title and description – Iasas to create them that invite and address the client, are short and easy to read. It is good to remember the question: “How can you help the client?” and the saying “less is more”.

Reviews – at the bottom leave room for 4-6 reviews, as this is a very good way to promote customer confidence.

Video – short, interesting, emotion-inducing, which reflects how you can help the client.

Call to action button – clearly visible, highlighted (not very intrusive) that invites the customer to an action. In good cases, something is offered free of charge or at a discount.


Here are the tips we were happy to give you. We know that there is still a lot of information about the structure of a good landing sheet, but these are, in our opinion, very important points. We very much hope that this article helped you and wish you every success in creating your excellent landing page. If this causes you any problems or confusion and you decide not to do it yourself, then feel free to apply for a consultation or call and we will help you!