What is the CRM system and what does it do?

For any company that successfully develops, the range of customers is also becoming more and more wide. More transactions, more frequent communication and closer connections with customers, resulting in more and more details to keep in mind.

Often, at the beginning of the activities of companies, all information is stored in Excel documents or similar solutions are used to mark the customers with whom the communication took place, note comments, transactions made, amounts of money circulated and other data.

Sooner or later, however, there comes a time when the Excel solution is no longer effective and you need some additional tool to help you cope with these jobs. There is a need to optimize sales processes, and this is the right time to consider the idea of a CUSTOMER RELATIONS MANAGEMENT system.

Effectively organized sales.

CRM is a system for managing customer relationships and sales processes. It is like a single database through which the management of sales processes is carried out. It helps to avoid chaos in the company and optimizes sales processes.

Who needs it?

If you are self-employed with a small customer base, you may not need such a system yet and you can do with an Excel table or other simple solution. However, for larger companies with a separate sales team, especially with a view to further development, new potential customers and higher turnover, this can be an urgent necessity.


Organized process. The CRM system provides a standardised and organized customer management and sales process. These systems offer to group your customers into sales “funnels”. What are they? It is a list of potential or existing customers who are interested in the service or product you provide, as well as the work done with each particular customer – contact information, offers sent, concluded transactions.c, etc. details.

Efficient pike generation. For example, your company purchases a database of new contacts and potential buyers of your product. This system offers to upload it to CRM so that you can immediately start working with these contacts. This database stores information such as customer occupation, interests, communication information and others. It is also possible to perform various functions of customer grouping, define communication types (calls, appointments, e-mails, offers), track the communication that has taken place, add reminders, notes and various files. All this information is stored and is easily accessible from anywhere.

Integration opportunities. The CRM system can be integrated with another system of your company, such as a website or online store. For example, if a customer fills in a contact form and applies for your service, or makes a purchase in your online store, the CRM system will immediately receive this information. Thus, the sales team does not have to look for this information separately, providing an opportunity to automate processes and act immediately.

Statistics and others. CRM provides easily transparent statistics on the number of successful transactions, what activities have been carried out, to compare marketing campaigns and various other statistical information. The CRM system can be connected to various popular tools such as Google Calendar, Phone, Adwords ads, Facebook accounts, emails.c. For your convenience and optimization of operation.

CRM system is a convenient tool to promote sales growth and promote further growth of your company, and we can be your partners in the development of this system!