Music lessons, film, speech, production and acting courses. The main benefit of each student is the practical acquisition of skills under the guidance of professionals. It is the personal attitude and practical lessons that are the basis for the work of "Pūces Akadēmija" teachers with students. Students can study here without any age limit and without prior knowledge, but the main criteria is the desire to learn and open a new world for themselves.


The teachers of the Academy are recognizable and well-known personalities in Latvia, therefore the website should also be professional, developed and individual, highlighting and showing the uniqueness of the Academy and the professionalism of the teachers. The main task of the website is to show in the digital environment exactly this professionalism that the Puces Academy provides to its students.


1. Unique design

2. Interactive page

3. Possibility to simply apply for classes

4. Highlight academy specialists

5. Mobile friendly

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