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The company comes from Prauliena, Madona county, where the PLŪKT tea house is also located. It is surrounded by magical Northern meadows, forests, ancient trees, peace and birdsong. PLŪKT team is convinced that anyone can grow big from anywhere in the world! Today, PLŪKT's organically certified teas are already exported to 18 countries and, introducing the world to the plants of Northern wild meadows and forests, the PLŪKT team confidently calls itself the pioneers of Northern European tea culture!


Plukttea's previous page was built on the Wix platform, but the product and brand were not visually highlighted. Using ready-made solutions, we adapted to the needs of the company as individually as possible.


1. Individually adapted design for the needs of the company

2. Mobile friendly

3. Easy to review production

4. Convenient shopping process

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