Magento development and support

You need professional developers familiar with Magento?
Need updates to the Magento online store, additional functionality or support for which request responds immediately, not after several days or even weeks?

Get a team of experts who will quickly find a solution to any situation!

In cooperation with us, you will get experienced, skilled and knowledgeable specialists who will develop a competitive e-commerce solution tailored to your needs, no matter how small or large your project is.

WD Market offers a full development cycle and support for Magento-based online stores. Our goal is to develop an e-commerce solution that will allow you to focus on the development of your business while we take care of the technical infrastructure of your online store.

We provide jobs as:

  1. Development of a full Magento online store

    The development process begins with the study of the customer’s business model and the definition of goals, followed by the development of a concept, the creation of layouts and, finally, the development and testing of an online store. After the publication of the online store, we will continue with long-term support in the maintenance of the online store and provide assistance in digital growth issues.

  2. Speed optimization

    The speed of loading an online store is one of the most important factors affecting customer conversion. If the online store runs slowly, your customers will leave it. Let us help prevent this. Thanks to the speed optimization of Magento online store, your online store will get not only fast loading, but also better performance and user experience.

  3. System integrations

    Do you have a Magento online store and need to connect it to external systems? We have the experience and skills that will allow us to do this. Entrust it to a team of experienced specialists in integrating systems into Magento online stores – delivery, payment and various accounting systems.

  4. Magento technical audit

    During the audit, three main factors are evaluated – security, performance and code quality. These three factors are evaluated in detail to give you a clear idea of what the current technical condition is and where improvements are needed. Your online store is an integral part of the company’s operations and each function in it must act as a “Swiss watch” to avoid sales losses or other problems that may be caused by poor technical condition of the page.

  5. Magento security and updates

    Your online store is as good as its platform is. Although Magento is a very flexible e-commerce platform, it is also complex. We will make sure that it will be safe and will work smoothly by regularly making the necessary system updates.

  6. Magento monitoring

    It’s a procedure that ensures that your Magento online store works smoothly. Magento’s monitoring includes monitoring servers, tracking errors and tracking its security. Using special monitoring tools, we constantly follow what is happening in your online store in order to eliminate possible problems in a timely manner before they cause financial losses to your business.

  7. A/B testing

    A/B testing at the Magento store reveals how certain elements affect sales. Testing is carried out on product images, catalog views, CTA button placement and even size, navigation bar layout, basket placement and many other factors affecting sales. A/B testing is the most effective way to determine what works best to achieve sales goals.

  8. Migration to or from Magento

    Online store migration from Magento 1 or other content management system to Magento 2? Experienced e-commerce experts will help you! We will adapt our services to your business needs and create a migration strategy so that the transition takes place smoothly and with maximum data security.

  9. Design audit

    It is important for the company that the online store fits its image and confirms its quality. The design of your online store determines the customer’s first impression of you and we know how important the first impression is. During the design audit, we will evaluate every detail of the online store and provide recommendations for improvements so that your online store meets modern design standards and addresses your target audience.

  10. SEO

    SEO audit and optimization – SEO is one of the best ways to find and reach your target audience, for which your goods or services are relevant, exactly when they are relevant. This significantly increases the chances that people will find your online store in search engines, like Google and shop directly with you! Improve the technical, content and visual quality of your online store so that your customers get the best experience when interacting with your online store.